Church Executive

 Equip your church to make the best financial decisions with articles

  • Financial Management of A Christian School
  • Basic Church Finances
  • The Art of Lending
  • Comparing Loan Offers

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Financial Basics

Take the first step in your financial education with the basics:

  • Choosing Your Financial Institution
  • Know Your Checking Account
  • Organizing Your Finances
  • Comparing Cards
  • Common Money Beliefs
  • Foiling Identity Theft

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Lending Basics

Learn what you need to know about lending: 

  • Loan Basics
  • Breakdown of a credit score
  • Boosting your credit score
  • Predatory Lending

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Surviving College

College is a time to grow in new experiences, learn to navigate this exciting change:

  • Living On Your Own
  • Emergency Fund Boot Camp

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Car Buying

What you need to know before buying a car: 

  • Buying vs. Leasing a New Car
  • Buying a Used Car
  • Intro to Insurance

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