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The Art Of Lending

Sometimes, looking at a painting from 10 feet away — and again, from 10 inches away — can provide two very different perspectives. When applying for a loan, a church is usually seeing the “big picture” from 10 feet away. However, a lender is charged with the responsibility of looking at the loan from 10 inches; it’s studying the detailed paint strokes to determine whether a loan is prudent. The individual paint strokes, in lending terms, are called financial ratios. These ratios vary between fairly straightforward and very complex.


Ministry Lending

  • We can offer low rates on loans because:
    • We are a non-profit credit union
    • Our mission is to help ministries extend God's reach
  • In-house decision-making
  • Streamlined application process
  • Use for wide range of purposes
  • Unsecured signature loans available (no collateral required)
  • Savings-secured loans available
  • Refinance existing loans
    • Get lower interest rate
    • Lower your monthly payments
    • No minimum amount required
  • Peace of mind that all interest is being used to support other Christian ministries


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For individuals and organizations across the spectrum of Christian traditions, America’s Christian Credit Union is the only banking partner that is relentlessly dedicated to serving the wider Kingdom of God. We do this by personally supporting, advising, and building stronger families, ministries, communities and futures through biblically grounded stewardship principles—rooted in the Wesleyan Holiness heritage.