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Churches and Ministries often have unique financial needs that most traditional banking institutions struggle to relate to. Founded by pastors, America’s Christian Credit Union has been creating tailored lending solutions specifically for Kingdom building organizations for over 60 years. Our ministry loan refinance programs are designed to: improve terms, reduce interest expense, and/or improve cash flow for our ministry partners.

What you can expect when partnering with America's Christian Credit Union:

  • Process: Our dedicated team can close your loan in as little as 60-days with a streamlined approval process.
  • Partnership: Our in-house team of relationship managers will walk alongside you in prayer and guidance to customize your solution to your organization.
  • Pricing: Generally, our loan programs offer lower fees and competitive interest rates with loan terms that benefit your ministry.
  • Purpose: Income from the loan is reinvested into other Ministries and Kingdom building products such as Adoption loans and grants.

Get our lowest rate by using your deposits at America's Christian CU as collateral.

  • Use your savings or Term Share Certificate deposits as security pledge
  • Continue earning dividends on deposits
  • Interest rate only 3% above dividend earnings
  • Access to funds without depleting your savings
  • Easy loan approval

Ministry or Business Accounts

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