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Online Banking is included free with your ACCU checking account, including standard Online Bill Pay. Use these convenient features anytime, anywhere to transfer funds, pay bills, and much more.

  • Free, fast, easy and secure from any internet connection — available 24/7
  • View and transfer funds between your ACCU accounts
  • Transfer funds to and from other financial institutions
  • View multiple ACCU accounts with one login
  • Utilize Online Bill Pay
  • Setup alerts that arrive via text, email or phone call
    • Balance drops below specific amount
    • Balance exceeds specific amount
    • When a specific check clears
    • Maturity date alerts
  • Setup future dated transfers
  • View using different preset themes, including larger font
  • Completely secure (learn more about online security)

First-time user? Get started here!

If you have already signed up for Online Banking, but want to sign up for E-Statements, please log in to Online Banking. Then click "Transactions" and "Statements."

You can't escape paying bills, but you can spend a fraction of the time doing so.

  • Pay all bills through one secure screen
  • Eliminate postage fees
  • Can submit payments to virtually anyone
  • Enter payee information once, then it is saved
  • Set up automatic recurring payments
  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Available 24/7

Q: What is Multifactor Authentication?

A: MFA adds an additional layer of security when verifying a user for access to an online service.

Q: How will this affect my Online Banking login?

A: After MFA is enabled, the first time you attempt to log on you will be prompted to supply your Secure Access Code. Thereafter any attempt to logon from a new computer, different browser, or accessing from another location, the system will require you to supply this code.

Q: What is my Secure Access Code and how do I retrieve it?

A: If you are a current Online Banking user, you have already been through the process of obtaining a Secure Access Code the very first time you registered for Online Banking. If you are new to Online Banking you will be required to register your account using your member number to enroll and will be prompted to obtain a Secure Access Code at that time.

Q: Will I have to go through the MFA process every time I login?

A: No, when you go through the process once for that particular device or browser, you are given the option to enable that device for MFA. Once this is done, you no longer have to go through that process on that device or browser again.

Q: Should I Activate a device if I am accessing Online Banking from a public or shared computer?

A: No, if you are accessing Online Banking from a library, hotel, or any public computer, you should choose not to activate the device for MFA to keep you login more secure.

Q: If I clear my cookies, will I have to go through MFA process again?

A: Yes, when you clear your stored cookies, you are deleting the security cookie for that browser therefore the MFA process would have to be completed again.

Q: What if my contact information is incorrect?

A: Call the credit union at 800-343-6328 any day or time of day.

Q: How do I update my contact information for MFA before it is turned on?

A: Call the credit union at 800-343-6328 any day or time of day.

Q: How do I change my MFA contact information after MFA is turned on?

A: Once signed in, click "Preferences" and "Security". Then select "Secure Delivery" to update you MFA contact information.

For additional assistance, contact our Member Service Team at 800-343-6328. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with Online Banking issues.

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