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CURewards provides redemption options from 2,500 points to 375,000 with something for just about everyone. Across these point levels, you may obtain hundreds of different travel and merchandise items. These include cash, domestic and international airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, electronics, and house-wares.

Visa® Business Rewards credit card holders may redeem rewards points for 1.50% cash back into your ACCU business checking or savings account. A  minimum of 2,500 rewards points must be redeemed per transaction. Simply click on the "Redeem" link on the menu bar at the top of the CURewards page, then choose "More" and "Deposit $25 Into My ACCU Account".

Rewards Point Redemption Levels (starting at):

  • 7,000 points $50 Restaurant Gift Card
  • 7,700 points $50 Retail Gift Card
  • 13,600 points $100 Retail and Restaurant Gift Card
  • 18,500 points Hotel Stay
  • 24,200 points Car Rental
  • 37,000 points Round Trip Airfare

Airline tickets are available for round-trip coach flights to virtually anywhere in the world. A 21-day advance purchase is required and some blackout dates may apply. Additional travel awards such as car rentals, hotel stays and cruises are available. Points from other credit card or frequent flyer programs cannot be combined with CURewards Points.

This app is free to download and provides a new channel for access on the go. View your CURewards offers based on your current location, redeem your points for merchandise, and view your total redeemable point balance.

CURewards Member Benefits

  • Redeem CURewards points on cash back, travel, merchandise, and gift cards. 
  • Earn additional bonus points when you are on the go
  • Allows anytime anywhere access to CURewards to view points, redeem points and shop at mall

If you haven't registered your CURewards account already, you can register on the app or the CURewards website

Q. How do I earn CURewards on my credit card?

A. The ACCU Visa Business Rewards credit card earns 1.50 rewards points for every $1 spent. Therfore, if you spend $100 at a merchant location, you will receive 150 CURewards points. The ACCU Platinum Visa with Rewards credit cards earns 1 reward point for every $1 spent. Therefore, if you spend $100 at a merchant location, you will receive 100 CURewards points.

These points are transferred to your CURewards account at the end of your billing cycle for you to view and redeem at CURewards website.

All other credit cards and all debit cards are not eligible to earn CURewardspoints.

Q. When can I redeem my CURewards points?

A. You may redeem your CURewards points once you have earned sufficient points for the award level desired. All cash back, travel, merchandise and gift card items have a point level associated to them. Simply log-in on CURewardswebsite to view your current balance and search for the merchandise, travel, or other miscellaneous item that you want. If you do not have enough points, you can save the item to your "wish list" for future redemption. Note: Cash back option only available to ACCU Visa Signature Rewards credit card holders.  

Q. Do my CURewards points expire?

A. Yes, you have up to 5 years from the year that you were granted the reward points to redeem them. At the end of five years, points that you earned in the first year begin to roll off. Each time you redeem your rewards, points are removed on a first-applied basis.

If you have points that are expiring this year, this information will be presented on your monthly statement. Any expiring points are also listed on the CURewards website.

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