Individuals and ministries nationwide can join America's Christian Credit Union. Doing so brings you the benefits of membership:

  • You become an owner of the credit union, with a vote in what we do.
  • Typically lower loan rates and higher deposit dividends than traditional banks, because we're a not-for-profit credit union.
  • Commitment to state-of-the art technology to simplify your financial life.
  • Peace of mind that your deposits are making a difference, helping to extend God's ministries.

It's easy to open an account online in just minutes. You're eligible to join if you meet any one of the following:

  • Members/attendees and employees of church denominational ministries that align themselves with Wesleyan Christian doctrine
  • Churches, ministries and schools aligned with Wesleyan Christian doctrine;
  • Ministers, employees, members, officers, teachers, students and others in these churches, schools and organizations;
  • Organizations of such persons;
  • Employees of ACCU
  • Immediate family members living in the household of an ACCU member

Statement of Faith

As a part of your application to join America's Christian Credit Union, we ask that you review our Statement of Faith.

Once a Member, Always a Member

Once you become an America's Christian CU member, you are eligible to retain that membership for life. Below is a sampling of the churches, schools, and employers that we serve within our field of membership.

Field Of Membership

Like all credit unions, we’re required to have eligibility guidelines covering who can join us (also called our “field of membership”). You may be eligible through your affiliation with a church, ministry, or school that is in alignment with the Wesleyan Christian Doctrine, or as an immediate family member living in the home of an ACCU member. Below is a list of approved denominations and churches, ministries, and schools. However, this isn’t a complete list; it’s always growing! If you are interested in becoming a member of America’s Christian Credit Union but do not see a denomination, church, ministry or school with which you are affiliated, please provide additional information by clicking “OTHER” in the list below.

Colleges, Universities, & Seminaries