Dear Valued Members and Friends,

The Spring is a special time for me each year. Not only does the greenery sprout back to life and daylight linger longer, but the season reminds me of the privilege it has been to serve America's Christian Credit Union's mission oriented members. Early this month, my anniversary with the credit union occurred, so I stopped to reflect on what these past 40 years have taught me. And when I think back on how those years have shaped me, I settle on one word: “Reach.” Working in the ACCU community, for the members of ACCU, I've been transformed by the first command of our mission. 


None of the 40 years has been the same, but each has taught the ACCU team and myself to reach further. Every year, our staff has come together to think comprehensively, strategically and intuitively to discover new ways we can support our members as they live to bring the Kingdom to the communities in which they reside. No one size fits all, so we find ourselves in a perpetual state of reaching further for greater and more innovative ways to serve. And as I think about it more, it is because of YOU that ACCU has become the conduit to the culture-shaping initiatives in which we proudly invest. 


Most recently, we have felt and heard the need for more Christian leaders in higher education and across all fields of discipline. Romans 12:2 encapsulates this calling when it commands us to “not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." As tuition prices continue to rise for this invaluable opportunity, we knew we had to identify new ways to be a partner in the pursuit of Christian higher education. So, we reached.


In 2017, we are pleased to announce four new ways to allow members and constituents in differing roles to engage beneficially in Christian higher education. 1. For the member who chooses the affordability and accessibility of online education, we have partnered with Olivet Nazarene University to provide a discount to ONU’s outstanding degree programs. 2. Our new and robust partnership with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) and its 180 member institutions aligns with our mission and validates the worth and impact of Christian higher education.  3) For the parent of a student who is challenged in financing his or her college education, we have created the Parent Loan. 4. And for the student or graduate saddled with multiple loan payments, we have created the Student Loan Consolidation program. 


When I started here 40 years ago, I never envisioned being where we are now. To think we would be serving 116,000+ members and be engaged firmly in the realm of Christian higher education would have seemed beyond reach. Thanks to your faith, loyalty and to our shared commitment to Kingdom work, we've reached and stretched and grown and ascended well beyond anything we could have dreamt for our credit union. For that, I am blessed and deeply grateful. May the Lord bless you and reveal to you where He might have you Reach in this new Spring season.

Blessings in Christ,

Mendell L. Thompson