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Video Recap

Session 1 – Pastoral Care & Wellness, Dr. Kevin Mannoia (Founder, Wesleyan Holiness Connection) 

Dr. Kevin Mannoia is Founder and Chair of the Wesleyan Holiness Connection, a national and global movement calling people to holy living. Dr. Mannoia has served in ministry leadership for over 30 years, and with his experience he brings:

  • Understanding the pastoral work-life balance of seeking God's heart while leading others for Kingdom causes.
  • Passion for molding the hearts of the next generation to lead churches rooted in the Gospel faithfully and with fervor. 

Session 2 - Pastoral Personal Finances & Taxes, Jim Rickard (Director, Stewardship Services Foundation)

Jim Rickard is the Director of Stewardship Services Foundation. Jim has intimate knowledge of personal finances and taxes as they relate to church leadership. Both Jim and Stewardship Services Financial can offer guidance as it relates to:

  • Preparation of pastors' individual taxes, church taxes, compensation and housing allowance.
  • Estate Planning Seminars which includes counseling on wills and living trusts.

Session 3 - Legal and Financial Q&A Panel

  • Julie Morgan (CPA, Ronald Blue & Co.) — Julie's expertise lends itself to offering insights on the preparation of financial statements for churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations.
  • Robert Brown (Ridenour, Hienton & Lewis, P.L.L.C.) — Author of: Legal Realities: The Silent Threat to Ministries, Robert specializes in law & governance as it pertains to churches, rescue missions, nonprofit organizations and Christian schools.
  • Lt. Col. Kevin Brown (Ridenour, Hienton & Lewis, P.L.L.C.) — Offers insights to public and private employers in all aspects of labor and employment litigation along with risk management, mediation and strategic planning.
  • Darren Thompson (America's Christian Credit Union) — Darren specializes in loan structuring, cash management and finances as well as commercial real estate lending for churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations. Darren offers insights as to what lenders (if needed) are looking for, and what can be expected, or should be asked, of your primary banking partner.


For individuals and organizations across the spectrum of Christian traditions, America’s Christian Credit Union is the only banking partner that is relentlessly dedicated to serving the wider Kingdom of God. We do this by personally supporting, advising, and building stronger families, ministries, communities and futures through biblically grounded stewardship principles—rooted in the Wesleyan Holiness heritage.