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Dear Valued Members and Friends,


What a blessing the fall season is! As the days grow shorter and the weather gets cooler, I’m anticipating the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays, with their traditions and festivities, are a time to reflect on the legacy we are building for future generations. It has been said that we should conduct our lives from the perspective that we are already an ancestor. As Joshua declared, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). That’s why we at America’s Christian Credit Union hold firm to the biblical principles upon which we were founded.

In our ever-changing and politically charged culture, many well-known financial institutions support causes that are contrary to a Christian worldview. ACCU, however, is committed to creating an ongoing legacy of biblically grounded financial products, which support Kingdom endeavors that will be passed down to future generations. All funds entrusted to ACCU are used to sponsor loans for ministry projects, and to assist the greater body of Christ in a variety of ways. We like to think of it as a cycle of reciprocity, or as “banking with eternity in mind.” Christians multiplying Christian resources—it just makes sense. 

Whether you are a longtime member or have recently joined the ACCU family, we thank you for being the catalyst behind our mission to “Reach, Serve, and Teach.” You allow us to equip future generations to carry on the legacy of building stronger Families, Communities, Ministries, and Futures.

May the Lord give you and your dear ones a joyous and Christ-centered holiday season.



Blessings in Christ,

Mendell L. Thompson


For individuals and organizations across the spectrum of Christian traditions, America’s Christian Credit Union is the only banking partner that is relentlessly dedicated to serving the wider Kingdom of God. We do this by personally supporting, advising, and building stronger families, ministries, communities and futures through biblically grounded stewardship principles—rooted in the Wesleyan Holiness heritage.