Fraud Alerts

The best defense against fraud is knowledge. To help you stay ahead of the latest scam attempts, we provide this ongoing list. Click the PDF links below for more information on these fraud schemes.

Security Notice

Your Privacy is important to us.

Please be aware of credit card and e-mail scam operations which ask you for your Visa account, America's Christian Credit Union member number, and personal identification numbers.

Remember, we will never contact you and request your personal account information. These requests are usually misleading or fraudulent, and should be reported immediately. Credit union members are recognizing and reporting such "spoofing" schemes including those that are made to appear as though they originated from America's Christian Credit Union. Legitimate financial institutions will never contact you to ask for personal account information, and anyone who may have received such a request should report it immediately here. America's Christian CU has multiple safeguards in place to protect you from credit card and e-mail fraud schemes. But new scams are constantly surfacing and you need to be alert to questionable requests for personal account information, particularly over the Internet.

If you receive any suspicious emails from America's Christian CU, please contact us immediately. Please forward the email to We will never ask you for account information via email. When you do business with us over the Internet, please go directly to our website at

Online Security Information Micro-Site

Includes steps you can take to protect your computer and your privacy. Download brochure.

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