"Big enough to bring innovative products, and yet they excel with personal care for their members! They are more like a family than a business."

— Kevin Lee

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Brooklyn Tabernacle

"You have a terrific group of people there at ACCU. This week has been a particularly trying week for us but your staff has been extremely helpful and accommodating in everything I've asked of them. Not many businesses are as nice and professional at the same time."

— Carol A. Betances, Comptroller, Finance Department

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Christian Care Ministry

"Many of our members were seeking a wise and God-honoring choice for their healthcare needs, and they chose Medi-Share. Several years ago, we were looking for a financial institution that shared those same Christian values. We found America's Christian Credit Union and are proud to partner with them. We are thankful for the services and support ACCU provides to Christian Care Ministry and our members. Why not place your financial trust with an institution that shares your values? You have the assurance of knowing that dollars invested with ACCU go back into Kingdom building. I'm proud to endorse ACCU and encourage you to contact them today for all of your banking needs."

— Holly Carothers | Chief Financial Officer | Christian Care Ministry

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Christian Care Ministry

"I wanted to open accounts with a financial institution that shares my values, and when I learned about the Kingdom causes that ACCU supports, it made my decision easy. One of my concerns was having easy access to my money. I found that ACCCU offers more ATMs and branches than many of the big banks. They also have mobile banking with remote deposit, so it's easy to do my banking from anywhere. Knowing that, I opened my accounts online with ACCU, and it was extremely quick and easy to do."

— Michael Gardner, Director of Marketing & Communication, Christian Care Ministry

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Vancouver Pentecostals

"In an era where church loans are difficult to come by, America's Christian Credit Union stood in the gap for us, and gave us a rate that even a smaller church can appreciate. Thank you ACCU!"

— Raymond Woodson, Senior Pastor Vancouver Pentecostals

Turning Point Church

"Working with Americas' Christian Credit Union was a very easy process. They gave a much lower rate than the local banks and we were able to move into a building with substantial space. We were paying almost as much for rent as we are now for our mortgage."

— Rev. Mitchell Phelps, Turning Point Church, Spartanburg, NC

The Lamb's Fellowship

"Americas' Christian CU was an instrument o God's grace to us after our church had burned to the ground. As we began the process of rebuilding… they walked alongside us on a difficult journey. They were patient and caring as they understood our needs. The construction loan helped us complete our building to continue our ministry. ACCU is not merely interested in gaining a return on their investment; they are interested in building the kingdom of God here on earth."

— George L. Garcia, The Lamb's Fellowship, Lake Elsinore, CA

Valley Christian Assembly

Throughout the refinancing o our mortgage loan process, your staff was kind, courteous, professional and so helpful. The refinance has allowed VCA to move forward…and pressing into new ministry areas that we couldn't before since were burdened with such large mortgage payments and stifling interest rates. ACCU has been a Godsend for us and we praise him for your ministry."

— Armando Escamilla, Valley Christian Assembly, San Benito, TX

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The Brooklyn Tabernacle

"I thank God for America's Christian Credit Union and for their heart for the Kingdom of God. ACCU has been more than our financial partner; they have truly made our mission their business. By generously supporting The Brooklyn Tabernacle Global Relief Fund through the GiveBack Program, America's Christian Credit Union has made it possible for us to reach more of the world's most vulnerable people. We are grateful that ACCU goes well beyond the business relationship, and joins with us to spread the Gospel around the world."

— Pastor Jim Cymbala, The Brooklyn Tabernacle, Brooklyn, NY

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The Dream Center

"Not only is America's Christian Credit Union a great company...but they put their heart and soul into the Kingdom work of making a difference...It's a wonderful organization that has come alongside us to say, "we believe that business is about helping people, it's about partnering together in the Kingdom's cause to make a fantastic imprint upon the community.

We are honored to partner together with America's Christian Credit Union in providing help to people all over the city...What's happening at the Dream Center would not be possible without this dynamic partnership...We're excited about what's happening...hundreds of lives every day are coming onto this place to be restored. Homelessness, families, runaway street kids, people that are hungry by the thousands are being fed all because of [this] wonderful organization."

— Pastor Matthew Barnett, The Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA

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Focus on the Family

"I was encouraged to learn that America's Christian Credit Union is expanding to reach the greater body of Christ through denominations and other groups. I have been a member for almost four decades and have always appreciated their commitment to excellence as well as their determination to offer the best services to the most people possible. I urge you let your friends and family members know that America's Christian Credit Union is better equipped than ever to meet their financial needs."

— Dr. H.B. London Jr., Pastor to Pastors Emeritus, Focus on the Family

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Wesleyan Holiness Consortium

"In ACCU, pastors and Christian leaders have a partner that begins with the assumption that God is at work and wants to use your efforts for His Kingdom. They are positive, competent, and eminently qualified to engage in the most complex circumstances that may face a church or Christian organization. They are big enough to tackle the most challenging case and personal enough to take an interest in every individual member. I commend ACCU as a wonderful partner to the mission and faith of the work of God in the world.

ACCU is a growing and dynamic financial institution that puts its members first. The competence and character it represents provides deep confidence in the safety, expertise and missional partnership that will help members fulfill God's call for Kingdom effort."

— Kevin Mannoia, Founder/Chairman, Wesleyan Holiness Consortium