Stories of Ministry Impact

We are so blessed to be able to help churches like yours grow and prosper in sharing the gospel. If your church or ministry is in need, please consider partnering with us. It would be our pleasure to serve you as you continue to serve Him. Call us to discuss how we partner together in advancing your ministry.

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Christian Far East Ministry


My son, who's a missionary, and I became members with the credit union over 4 years ago to handle his finances state side. We chose [ACCU] because it was a Christian organization and its excellent service. Money transfers always arrived on time and we appreciate the warm and gracious help from everyone we've worked with.

This has allowed us to continue our work in Southeast Asia, where so many minority groups are persecuted for their Christianity. We support these groups with food, clothing, medicine and bible teachings. We print and give away thousands of free bibles in native languages, which they would otherwise be unable to afford and until now, would be unable to read. Many are now coming to Christ through our bible outreach. Thank you for your ministry and support making possible our work on the field.

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James and Naomi Paris

Olympia Glass & Metal, Inc. - Anaheim, CA

My company had glazed the windows at ACCU's building before, but I did not think we could join the credit union, so I did not give it a second thought. After 20 years of banking with another bank, they failed to help us with a fraudulent charge, instructing us to go to court on our own. We both knew then to start praying for another financial institution.

We moved our personal checking here after my wife heard about ACCU on a Christian radio station. With the help of a sweet staff member, we were able to do all our banking online. Quite a task for seniors like us to accomplish!

Little did we know the big plans the Lord had for us, which were revealed in 2011 when we opened our business account. The current state of the economy meant I had to get a loan, and after seeking several other banks that failed to assist us, we were invited to come to ACCU and talk to a representative. They helped us out of a crisis! God never ceases to amaze my wife and I with how creative He can be!

Through ACCU, God certainly worked a miracle for our company. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. ACCU, you have reached out, served us and yes, taught us like no other financial institution. No wonder God has blessed you and will continue to bless you in the years to come. We are proud to be part of your team.

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Pastor Rick Hudgens

North Raleigh Church of the Nazarene - Raleigh, NC

"Soon after becoming the Lead Pastor of North Raleigh Church of the Nazarene I realized the church faced a major obstacle. I was not prepared for the rejection and difficulty in securing the loan desperately needed by our ministry.

In my first conversation with Dawn Moore of America's Christian Credit Union, I knew God had directed us to the right institution to secure our needed financing. When local banks failed to assist us to meet the provisions of our financial needs, ACCU met us with an open heart and open hands to provide the financing. The decision of our church board was to secure a loan with an organization where the profit from interest would be reinvested in the work of the Lord. ACCU enabled us to refinance our mortgage and move forward in ministry.

I have found my working relationship with ACCU to be professional yet personal. The loan application process was explained clearly and [they] walked us through every aspect. When we announced to our church family that the loan was approved and the note to the local bank had been paid, applause filled the worship center. We are so thankful for the ministry of ACCU and it is my privilege to recommend ACCU to ministries needing financial assistance to face the future."

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Joey Uy, Financial Officer

Christian Fellowship Bible Church - West Covina, CA

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when the people of Christian Fellowship Bible Church gathered together in celebration with much rejoicing. On that day they dedicated their new sanctuary – the result of much prayer, several years' hard work, and the partnership of ACCU.

The church began as a small home Bible study group in 1986, and had grown to a church housed at various locations, including shops, elementary schools, and the back room of a jewelry store. As the church's Web site explains, "In between years, CFBC has fervently pursued in finding a place or a building to purchase for her permanent House of Worship. Numerous places have been seen and thought to be "the one", but God had other plans. CFBC prayed and waited."

When a series of God-ordained events led the church to an opportunity to buy and build a new church, the church approached ACCU and shared their dreams of uniting under a roof of their very own. Joey Uy, CFBC Finance Officer, had this to say about the partnership: "ACCU played a significant role in fulfilling our church goal of owning a property in West Covina. Over the years, we moved around from West Covina to Walnut to Covina and finally we are back home to West Covina. We are very grateful that they were there to help us to finally secure our permanent church building. We are very satisfied with how ACCU staff provided professional services as well as Christian concern."

And on that happy dedication Sunday, hundreds of people filled the new sanctuary to bursting, a visible testament of the love of the Lord that fills their hearts and actions. To God be the glory! We are thankful that we were allowed to take a small part in His divine plan for His people, and pray many blessings on Christian Fellowship Bible Church.

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The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Brooklyn, NY

The Brooklyn Tabernacle and America's Christian Credit Union have partnered together in a financial plan that will save the ministry thousands of dollars in interest monthly. People across America have invested time, prayer and money into The Brooklyn Tabernacle, and its leaders were searching to be good stewards of what God had blessed them with - which meant refinancing some high-interest loans and paying off other debt.

After working with two large national banks and an issuer of bonds, they came to America's Christian Credit Union. What they found at America's Christian Credit Union was the offer of personal attention and a dedication to ministry-building that the leaders of The Brooklyn Tabernacle were seeking. As a result of the corporate mission of America's Christian Credit Union and their true spirit of service, The Brooklyn Tabernacle and America's Christian CU became financial partners.

America's Christian CU President / CEO Mendell L. Thompson stated: "To be able to partner with Pastor Cymbala and his team at The Brooklyn Tabernacle is truly an honor. We were able to refinance their current loan which resulted in a reduced monthly payment and freed up significant resources that will be invested in ministries and people's lives. This is what being a financial partner is all about. We look forward to serving The Brooklyn Tabernacle community."

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is one of the most well-known churches in America. Their renowned choir has won several Grammy awards and their ministries have provided social programs to the diverse community of Brooklyn, New York, uniting their spiritual and practical needs in service and love.

As America's Christian CU continues to live out its mission: To Reach, Serve and Teach, we appreciate the trust and support of ministries like Brooklyn Tabernacle and look forward to the chance to partner with your church or ministry as we work together to fulfill God's Kingdom purposes.

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United Pentecostal Church International

In an unprecedented move in church financing, America's Christian Credit Union has been selected by the United Pentecostal Church International to be the preferred financial lender for their entire denomination.

The church leadership chose America's Christian CU because of their passion for ministry and for the commitment they have made to their mission which is "To Reach, Serve & Teach." These factors made America's Christian CU stand out in the midst of several other lenders. In addition to this shared mission, the churches are excited to make use of the credit union's innovative technologies and services including instant deposits from remote locations and automated processes that will make managing finances and maintaining financial accountability easy for churches of all sizes to handle.

"We take our commitment to serving churches and their congregations seriously, said ACCU President/CEO Mendell L. Thompson. "It is our hope that this new partnership with the United Pentecostal Church International will allow the denomination leaders and local church pastors to not have to worry about finances and will give them the freedom to focus on ministry."