Adoption Stories

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The Barr Family

We had the pleasure of finding ACCU when we were exploring our adoptions for adoption financing. There are not words to describe how truly amazing our experience was. Every single person that we encountered was knowledgeable, caring and incredibly helpful. We never felt like we were doing business with a bank, we always felt like we were being assisted by family. We would highly recommend ACCU to anyone who is seeking financing for an adoption.

– The Barr Family

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Ed and Family

My wife and I have been married for 22 years. In that time we experienced infertility, a loss of a child, the births of our two of biological son's, foster parenting and now international adoption! With the help of the Credit Union and the people there who saw our deep desire to add to our family, we received all the necessary funds just in time to bring our daughter home and now, in just a few weeks, our son. We are so thankful for ACCU and the ACCU staff member who got to know us, answered questions promptly, took our many calls and got the funding setup in record time. All the while, she managed to put a smile on our faces, brightening our lives as we try to follow God and make yet another miracle happen. ACCU makes it possible for families to show the Love of Christ to orphans around the world and through ACCU, children become part of a Forever Family, a family these kids would never have or know if it weren't for places like ACCU partnering with families like ours to help bring these special kids home. You truly are all leaving a legacy!

– Ed and Family

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The Stuckey Family

Nicolas is truly a blessing from heaven. We are so excited to begin this new chapter in our life as a renewed family and wanted to be sure to share our enjoyment with the people who made it possible. We have attached some pictures so you can see how important your work is to not only adoptive parents but also to the little ones that need a warm, loving home. Thanks to all for your ongoing commitment to those in need.

– The Stuckey Family

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The De Merritt Family

Funding adoption was our biggest worry … we were blessed in finding out about your adoption loan service. Your representatives were courteous and helpful. The process was efficient and stress-free. Not long after we received our loan funds, we were offered a referral (matched to a child). Thus, we had the funds ready to go when needed. Without the loan, we may not have been able to bring home our daughter. Again, thank you!

– The De Merritt Family

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The Moon Family

ACCU gave us a significant loan last year for the adoption of our son, Judah. Without it we would not have been able to complete his adoption. We are so so grateful. He has made us so happy and fills our lives with joy every day. Many blessings and thank you so much for making adoption possible for us!

– The Moon Family

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The Pattison Family

Thank you so much for your help processing our adoption loan. I don't know how we could have done this without you and the Credit Union. I have attached our website, where you can see our story and more photos. There's a link on the sources page to tell other families about ACCU.

We appreciate you so much!

— The Pattison Family

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The Turner Family

Thank you for making our dreams come true!

— The Turner Family (Luke Isaiah)

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The Wogaman Family

Attached is a picture of our blessing from our Lord: Caleb Michael Wogaman. Thanks for financially assisting us in being able to adopt him.

God Bless.

— The Wogaman Family

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The Waller Family

We are excited to announce that we have received placement of a beautiful baby boy through adoption. We are a middle class family with limited funds, and therefore require financial assistance in order to complete our adoption. For a long time we had desired a child to complete our family. After much thought and prayer we contacted Bethany Christian Services to fulfill our dream. To our surprise, a year and a half later we received the call for placement. Within 6 days of receiving the call we had a baby in our home. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for an institution like yours that allows us the privilege of raising a child. Without financial assistance we would not have been able to afford the fees that go along with an adoption plan, so thank you. May God Bless you.

— The Waller Family

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The Upham Family

Attached are some pictures of sweet Abby. Thanks for helping us bring her home! :)

God bless,

— The Upham Family

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Benjamin C.

This is Benjamin C. He was born September 27th, 2008. My sister and her husband have been truly blessed to be able to have him in their lives. We are all very grateful.

— Vanessa S.

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The Gerber Family

Thank you so much for all of your help! It has been nice to be able to communicate via emails considering the time difference and our busy schedules. We appreciate all of your efforts in making things happen quickly. We will call her Audrey Se Eun Gerber.

With much thanks,

— The Gerber Family

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Sebastian E.

Meet little Sebastian E., born August 4th, 2009. What an amazing blessing for everyone concerned. Please join us in celebrating Sebastian's arrival!